Our team with all the experience in construction helps us in both pre & post building works. We are expertise in constructing individual homes, flats, villas, commercial and industrial buildings. We work with a strategy by setting up the budget, scheduling, getting government approval, designing the plan, delivering the project on time and managing all the aspects of the project. We also make sure that the construction site is safe for building.

Construction site

The production staffing includes an skilled group incorporated into their tasks at some point of design and prior to construction starting up. We consider this up front staffing, greater than can pay for itself with the making plans, coordination and thorough understanding of the projects earlier than a single spade of dust is turned. Subcontractor submittals, store drawings, RFI’s and coordination questions are prioritized and are scheduled making use of lean construction techniques and reverse planning scenarios. We require the subcontractors to think out further than they are used to, get their buy in and hold them accountable for sequence, sched­ule, production and quality and memorialize these commitments with the subcontractor ownership, all before the start of construction.